I was born in Adıyaman Turkey on 27th of June 1985.  I graduated from University of Çukurova English Languge Teaching. I studied Film-Making in Academia of Cegerxwin and graduated from in 2012. I got courses from movie-makers like Hüseyin Kuzu, Can Candan ve Semir Aslanyürek.  I worked for  Filmamed Documentary Festival in 2010 and 2011. Also I was the jury of Halil Ünsal Award in Filmamed Documentary Festival in 2012.


As a Driector

Welat  Home – 2014 …. Fiction, 00:14:05
Batman Film Festival The Best Film Story Award. 2012
Diyarbakır Short Film Days,  2014
33th  İstanbul Film Festival, Hisar Short Film Corner,  2014

2nd Rode Red Tulip Rotterdam Film Festival

25th International Ankara Film Festival 2014

3rd Golden Pars Film Festival 2014

16th Eskişehir Film Festival 2014

9th Sinemardin Film Festival 2014

4th International Crime and Punishment Film Festival

Other Films
Kurte Film Short Film – 2013  As an actor (Fiction)
2013th  Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival National Competition
13. !f İstanbul International Film Festival,  2014

Xaçere Crossroad – 2009 …. one of Scriptwriters and Camera Assistant (Fiction)
Malatya Film Festivali 2010 Yarışma Filmleri
International Labour Film Festival 2010

İTU Film Festival 2011


A village, in the hearts of mountains, looks totally empty . Still it is not. The village comes to life back with past voices. There are no people in the village. But  their voices exist. There are no animals and no living things. But their voices exist. The past voices, together with scenes happenning right now, create memory about what happened there. It is the story of people, animals, nature and all the living things of a village before “that thing” happens.


Ji kerema xwe re şîrove bike!
Ji kerema xwe navê xwe binivîse