VODKA LEMON (Vodka Leymûn)

Director: Hiner Saleem
Cast: Romen Avinian, Lala Sarkissian, Ivan Franek
France-Italy-Switzerland-Armenia 2003 / 90m / Armenian, Kurdish with English subtitles / PG
“Hiner Saleem’s gentle tragi-comedy tells of Hamo, an ageing widower, who finds love in, of all places, a cemetery. But it’s also the story of his tiny Kurdish village – a remote, snowbound outpost where the real and the surreal agreeably co-exist. With his wife in the ground, his only hope rests in an adult son who has immigrated to France. Saleem surrounds his protagonists with a colourful gallery of eccentrics. The real star, though, is the rugged, mountainous landscape: a winter wonderland that will have you blinking in chilly awe. The marvel is that Saleem finds human empathy and alcohol-fuelled bonhomie flourishing in such a forbidding and melancholy wilderness.” (BBCi Films)
Fri 22 Oct 8.30pm Opening Gala + Hiner Saleem
Sat 23 Oct 6.45pm + Hiner Saleem
Mon 25 Oct 4.45pm
Tue 26 Oct 1.15pm (Parents & Babies screening)
Wed 27 Oct 9.00


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