VERDICT (Biriyar)

Director: Remzi Kazmaz
Turkey 2004 / 30m / Turkish with English subtitles / 15
The tragicomic events surrounding the trail of the perpetrators of the Gazi events in Istanbul. An exploration of Turkish justice in action through the eyes of the film maker who represented the families of the victims.
+ MEHDI ZANA, TORTURED TO LIFE (Mehdi Zana, Ciyazê Iflkencey ê Ji Bo Dirêjayiya Jiyanê)
Director: Kudret Gunes
France 2004 / 58m / Kurdish, Turkish and French with English subtitles / 15
The portrait of a man whose fate shows how difficult it is to be a Kurd in exile today. Mehdi was the first Kurdish mayor of Diyarbakir, Turkey. He was elected in 1977 and has been one of the main protagonists in the history of the Kurds over the past thirty years. His dramatic story illustrates the chaotic history of those years during which he never ceased to fight for the recognition of his people’s right to exist. He is now a political refugee in Sweden, where, he is trying to make a life for himself in a society which bears little resemblance to his own.
Sat 23 Oct 4.15 + Kudret Gunes


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