Directors: Peri Ibrahim & Doug Aubrey
Scotland 2004 / 13m / in English / 15
Earlier this year, Glasgow resident Peri Ibrahim and documentarist Doug Aubrey visited Kurdistan. It had been more than fifteen years since Peri had been to Kurdistan ›a country which doesn’t exist” – and even longer since he’d held a Kalashnikov. Did his trip result in a last journey back home or a new call to arms? This will be a work-in-progress screening and an opportunity to quiz both film-makers about just how Peri’s remarkable story will eventually reach the screen.

+ SADDAM’S MASS GRAVES (Gorên Komkujiyên Seddam)
Director: Jano Rosebiani
Kurdistan 2004 / 58m / Kurdish with English subtitles / 15
Inspired by the examples of Cambodia and South Africa, where the uncovering of truths about previous atrocities led to a process of reconciliation, the Iraqi Kurdish filmmaker Jano Rosebiani returned home just before the outbreak of war in 2003. His aim was to document the discovery of mass grave sites, over two hundred of which have been uncovered in the past year. As well as his use of chemical and biological weapons, Saddam commonly engaged in the mass burial of civilians, many of whom were interred while they were still alive. Rosebiani interviews coalition officials, human rights representatives, and survivors, setting the record straight about the collective suffering of Iraqis.
Sat 30 Oct 4.00pm + Peri Ibrahim & Doug Aubrey


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