BLACK TAPE A TEHRAN DIARY (Teyba Refl Rojaneyeke Tehranê)


BLACK TAPE: A TEHRAN DIARY (Teyba Refl: Rojaneyeke Tehranê)

Director: Fariborz Kamkari
Cast: Mehdi Asadi, Parviz Moasesi, Shilan Rahmani
Iran 2002 / 83m / Farsi & Kurdish with English subtitles / 18
A young Kurdish woman in Tehran receives a video camera for her birthday and proceeds to record, often surreptitiously, the heavily circumscribed and increasingly disturbing domestic life she leads with her older, controlling husband. The film gradually reveals their marriage to be a chilling allegory for the utter powerlessness of the dispossessed Kurdish population. First-time filmmaker Fariborz Kamkari shows only what the video camera records and creates a harrowing account of psychic and physical confinement, complete with hints of sexual sadism and a touch of Gothic horror. Not for the fainthearted, BLACK TAPE is a scorching howl of protest.
Mon 25 Oct 9.00pm
Mon 1 Nov 4.30pm


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