ASYLUM (Penaberî)

Director: Nigel Roffe-Barker
Cast: Nabil Elouahabi, Dai Bradley, Fuman Dar, Geoff Leesley
Britain 2002 / 97m / 15
Mahmoud and his friends, Rezghar and Saman, all young Kurdish refugees, have fled political persecution and inevitable imprisonment in northern Iraq by smuggling themselves into England, where they register for asylum and try to establish new lives. Their future is threatened when their genuine claims get bound up in red tape and lost in the system. Saman is detained as an illegal alien and Rezghar evades capture by taking refuge in a Catholic church where Mahmoud joins him. They claim sanctuary and the priest decides to champion their cause. Escalating media and police attention lead to a dramatic conclusion demonstrating the limits of human compassion and the cruelties of the system.
Fri 22 Oct 1.45pm
Wed 3 Nov 9.00pm


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